Monday, August 08, 2005

Being sick stinks... it started last week with Ashley getting the sniffles, before I knew it she had a full blown cold. Of course then Corinne starts to get all stuffed up as well and by Saturday Annika was hacking and miserable. I thought I was avoiding it- I guess I didn't knock on wood because I woke up this morning feeling like crud with a sore throat and stuffy nose. WWWWAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

Our house still isn't sold. We lowered the price yesterday hoping that would help. We put ourselves just lower then the lowest person in the neighborhood. We did have a family come and look at it last night- we need it to sell this week! Even then I guess if we sell next week we can push for a fast closing.

I can't believe it's getting so close. We put money down and started building in January! Here is the last picture of our house:

I didn't take a picture last time I was out there since it was dark, but the drywall is now up and the doors are in and it looked like they were about to stucco any day. I'm ready to start decorating and getting new furniture. I know, how could I want to replace these beautiful couches?

Seriously though, I'm hoping to get out of the 'early 70's to late garage sale find' phase of decorating. I know megan looks naked in that picture, but I swear she's wearing a diaper! That kid is hard to keep clothes on, it's not worth the fight unless we're going somewhere.