Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Who I think should run for president in 08'

Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton.

Wouldn't that be fun? I think it'd make for the first interesting race in a long time with a candidate who I feel like I could vote for because they're a good candidate rather then because I like him better then the other guy.

Stuff I'm cooking...

For delivery Friday I have 200 peices of apple crumb cake.

For next week I've got 5 baskets to fill with goodies- I'm not sure what yet- for the teachers at school (the PTO is paying woot!).

I'm thinking chocolate popcorn for sure, maybe pumpkin bread or banana bread? Or mini muffins (pumpkin and banana). Maybe chocolate/caramel pretzels. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, triple chocolate peppermint cookies?? I don't know. They have to be things that stack well and don't need to be refridgerated. What do you think? Suggestions?