Thursday, November 17, 2005

The beginning, the middle, the end....

Today started out fine.... until Steve decided to go to that place where he goes all day and does stuff and they pay him... it's not like it's something new- he tends to go to that place rather frequently, but for some reason today it made the terrible duo freak out. They kept freaking out the entire walk to school, and the entire walk home. I wasn't very happy about it mostly because I missed my extra 30 minutes of walking because of the screaming. To top it off Corinne (sweetest baby ever) isn't feeling very good. So my high aspirations of things to accomplish today was squashed before it even started.... we came home and I put both screaming, onery children in their rooms until the screaming stopped- for their own safety and my sanity.

Then the phone rang. It was a friend from my new ward. She was inviting us over to play. YAY!! I figured at least if I could get nothing done I should do it somewhere else other then my house and get in some good conversation. So I told her we'd be there in an hour and went to shower. When we got there no one answered the door. I called her to make sure I was at the right place (we've only been there once) and could hear the phone ringing inside- still no answer. So maybe she was in the shower? Maybe I was back in High School and she was playing a mean trick on me (crossed my mind briefly), maybe her kid had to go to the emergency room? I wasn't sure- but I loaded my now screaming children (who really wanted to play with someone fun) back into the car and she drove up. Phew. Apparenlty she ran to the store and had some issues and it was all okay. We spent 3 hours chatting and the kids played beautifully. Yay!

Then we came home. All was well for naptime, fed my family dinner and then Ashley decided to write a letter to her cousin... apparently writing letters includes markers. I told her very specifically she had to sit at the table and that she was NOT to let Annika (the cronic wall colorer) have any markers under any circumstance. I sat down to feed the sweetest, but grumpiest baby ever and can hear the coloring and pleasantness that was my children. Ahhh, peace, sisters being nice and kind and.... in walks Annika colored from head to toe with marker. Lovely. I told Ashley it was time to put away the markers since she didn't keep them away from Annika. Her response, "We didn't let Annika have them." When I asked how Annika got covered in marker she told me, "Megan and I did it." Beautiful. I guess I need to be a little more specific in my directions?? Until further notice there will me no more 'weapons of mass destruction' at my house. All markers, crayons, colored pencils, watercolors, pens ect have been put in a box and put in the top of a closet.