Thursday, July 13, 2006


So we set an attendance record! Wahoo!! We had 42 sisters at HPFE (enrichment)! Seriously it was awesome. Everyone I talked to was so excited and said that they'd never had this much fun at HPFE. I met several people that I didn't really know and got to know them (and will remember their names now) and had a great time. It really was minimal planning and minimal set up and clean up.

Since there were so many people it really wasn't possible to meet everyone- but people met just over half. I hadn't thought about people coming in late- but it's what made everything work. The late people offset it just enough so that by the time you got to the person you started with you skipped them and went to the next person- so it was perfect!

Also the girl that talked at the beginning said just what needed to be said about meeting people and putting yourself out there to make friends. It was perfect. I'm thrilled with the results. I was really worried that not too many people would come- I'm glad that we got as many out as we did. YAY!!

Sorry I'm a slacker..

I'm busy okay! Well, at least that's what I tell Steve. I've offically recieved a calling in my new ward. I'm the Enrichment leader in Relief Society. For those of you who aren't LDS (Mormon) I'll translate... Enrichment (short for Home, Personal and Family Enrichment Meeting) is held quarterly and is a "meeting" mostly for socialization of the Relief Society (Women's organization in our church ages 18+) and for spiritual growth and learning new skills... So my job is to set up these quarterly Enrichment meetings and then also set up smaller 'interest groups' for the women in the ward (our church congregation). Confused yet?

So since our ward is new our first Enrichment meeting is going to be for getting to know eachother. There are lots of new people and it was so large before that it was had to get to know people. Anyway, I'm doing 'speed get to know you' set up like speed dating. Basically you spend 3 minutes with each woman and get to put names and faces together and get to know them a little bit. When you find out where they live in relation to you, and how many kids and what ages you can say, 'we should get our kids together' or 'we should have you over for dinner' and make some new friends! I'm excited- it should be fun.

Here is the problem though... (there's always a problem isn't there??) I have long tables set up with chairs and thought if everyone just rotated then eventually everyone would meet. But it doesn't work- if everyone is numbered then all the even numbers just meet odd numbers- and all the odd numbers just meet even numbers. So you only meet half the people in the room. With speed dating that is great- because if you're a woman you're only there to meet the men! But it doesn't work if you want to meet everyone. I've tried and tried to figure it out- but I've not been able to- any suggestions?