Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hair and my city council meeting

There you go, you can stop holding your breath now. What do you think? She was trying to give me more body without sacrificing too much length (although I think she cut off several inches). I love how much healthier my hair feels after a haircut. I got hi-lights too, the pictures don't do it justice though.

My meeting. It was interesting. I feel good about going down and saying my piece. I just hope the ball gets rolling. I did notice that they were prepping the empty sidewalk spots for cement today- so hopefully that'll be taken care of soon. I also asked for patrol cars catching speeders since the speeding is horrible and no one seems to obey the school zone speeds, and a crosswalk with a crossing guard. Now I feel free to complain and moan and groan about it since I've done my civic duty. Go me!

My new hair

Um, I haven't forgotten, pictures are taken and uploaded but apparently the server is down? Hopefully I'll be able to post them after I get back from city council meeting.