Sunday, September 11, 2005

Five random things about me...

So apparently I've been tagged, I've got to post five random things about me and then tag somone else...

1. I've never kissed anyone except for my husband. Once a boy tried to kiss me (when I was 14) when I figured out that he was about to kiss me I took off running- literally. He 'broke up' with me the next day. After that I decided that I wasn't going to kiss anyone until I got married. I almost made it- but we didn't kiss until we were engaged.

2. I drink about 100 oz. of water a day.

3. I belong to several 'bulletin boards' online- LDS moms who 'post' messages and 'talk' all day long. I started 3 years ago and it's become addictive. It's my outlet and keeps me sane with 4 small children. I've met many of them 'irl' (in real life) and consider some of them some of my best friends. If you would have asked me three years ago if that was possible I wouldn't have thought it was.

4. I love to read- anything I can get my hands on. The scary thing is that my FIL, BIL (Chet) and I enjoy a lot of the same books. It gives me something to talk about with them though and that's good. It also gives me a source to trade books with. I'm currently reading a book I 'stole' from my FIL. (I promise to give it back if you're reading this Sherman- it's State of Fear)

5. I reread the previous 4 things and now I think I'm a nerd. Nerd

Okay, I'm tagging Barbara and Lacey. Now you guys have to do it!

By this time next week...

That's what I keep saying. By this time next week we'll be in the new house , by this time next week we'll be going to the new ward, by this time next week....

Church today was bittersweet. This was the longest I've ever been in one ward. I love these people. I have so many memories and now we're starting over. Which is a little exciting too. But I'm going to miss this ward. Now we're going to be 'the new people'. I'm excited to meet new people and make new friends, I'm all social like that.

I'm also excited to start decorating a new house. I've got a blank slate to start over with. That's going to be fun. Especially since we can afford to decorate and buy furniture and stuff. Corinne also gets to move into the big crib and have her own room. It'll be nice to have the baby stuff out of our room.

Tomorrow is our final walkthrough, and we sign papers for the current house. It should fund Tuesday which means we can sign the final papers for the new house and move by Wednesday hopefully. It's going to be a long week.

When we did our walk through last week it was the little things that were exciting. The closet organizers, the countertop, the sink that has a smooth surface from the countertop so that there's not a seam for junk to get caught in. Things like that make me happy. (Yes, I realize that I sound shallow Winky) I was there at like 9 pm last week one day and there were tons of people out walking in the neighborhood. I'm liking that too since it's a good sign that the neighborhood is safe if there are that many people out after dark. The neighborhood is also condusive to walkers with the walking paths through it. I'm anxious to get there.