Thursday, June 15, 2006

Heavy Breathing...

So Steve called from work this morning- which is odd. Usually if he calls it's in the afternoon on his way home from work. So I figured either something was wrong or something fabulous happened. Apparently one of our children was calling him from the home phone repeatedly, breathing heavily and then hanging up, and then repeating, several times. I found Cori downstairs pushing redial and then talk and then talk and then redial. I found this hysterical (especially since she's one).

On another note- I broke my toe today. My second to smallest toe on my left foot. I stubbed it, heard a crack and now it hurts like the dickens and is about 2 1/2 times bigger then it should be, and purple. Fun. Sad part? I've done this before but a different toe. Seriously took more then a month to be normal again. The good news? Now I've got an excuse as to why I'm not running in the mornings anymore (besides that I was tired, or it got hot, or my running bra was in the laundry...) Okay, maybe I didn't NEED another excuse..