Thursday, February 23, 2006

Okay, pictures as promised.

Here is my kitchen. I started painting about 10:30 last night. I'm planning on putting my china in wrought iron plate holders on the walls above the cupboards.

Here is the Sliding door vallance. It seems too short? I'm thinking that's why it looks funny? Not sure. Opinions please? Also- that wall between the windows and the door. What would you put there??Megan hit her tooth on the playground about a year and a half ago. It died and turned black. About a week and a half ago it abcessed so we had to have it pulled yesterday (after a round of antibiodics.) Before:

After:She was so good at the dentist... after they gave her drugs. I couldn't believe how compliant and pleasant she was. She kept talking really loud though- like you'd expect her to act if she was drunk. I asked for some to take home- but they said no.

Corinne's newest trick is sucking from a straw. My huge WW cup straw even. Here she is just being cute. She also likes her tounge.
And here is Ashley at her family birthday party. Notice the cake? Same cake as for her 'friend' party two days before. We fed them the beehive and then I redid the top of the cake and put frozen buttercream transfer flowers on top. I think the cake was even moister after sitting in the fridge for two days.
And so that I'm fair and don't leave anyone out- here is Annika scaling the pantry. Yes, I'm the best mom ever. There were cookies, crackers, chips and fruit snacks. She was after the rolls. That'll teach me to leave that door open.
Whew! Okay, I've got a recipe exchange here tonight for church so I've got to shower and stuff. I've been working hard all day!


Okay, it came last night. Sorry I've been neglectful. I've been organizing and painting like a madwoman. Not sure why other then I felt like it- so I go with that feeling when I've got it! I taught our preschool co-op today so we made cookies for snacks (plus kids love to 'help cook') it's awesome! I can't wait to make some frosting- which I need to do this weekend. I'm currently hanging my vallances- so I'll update this post with pictures in about an hour (since I've got walls of steel apparently.)