Friday, January 13, 2006

I found my camera! Woo! You know what that means right?

A very picture heavy post! First off- here is the update to my living room- my table, rug and the curtains I made (with lots of help- thanks Connie!) Yay! The rug wasn't what I thought it was going to be (I ordered it online)- but I like it better then what I thought I was getting- so that's good!

There is another set of long curtains on the dining room windows. I also painted on Monday! It's amazing how much paint and curtains can change a room!

The other night I set Corinne in her crib so I could get her pajamas and she immediately grabed onto the railing and pulled herself up! I ran downstairs to get the camera but by the time I got back upstairs she'd sat down again. I sat there waiting for her to do it again but she just kept getting madder and madder since I was sitting there and not picking her up! This was as good of a picture as I could get. For New Year's we went down to Phoenix to visit Katie and Gordon. We went to the Phoenix Zoo where they were having a Noon Year's Eve party. They'd brought in a bunch of snow for those poor deprived children from Phoenix who'd never experienced snow before. Ashley thought it was great- Megan and Annika weren't impressed with it because it was cold and wet... They also had vendors handing out stuff, the favorite was Krispy Kreme hats filled with dougnuts. Annika wasn't that impressed with the zoo. But I did get one picture of her smiling.
Corinne enjoyed herself! Isn't she just the cutest baby ever!?!

Here is Steve and Gordon (notice the hat) waiting for us outside the petting zoo with the sleeping children.

And here are Lily and Ashley brushing a goat.
Here is Megan being a bat or a bird or something (I don't remember)