Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Super Saturday

Super Saturday is a day where we (women at church) get together and do lots of crafts either for our homes- or for Christmas gifts for others. I'm in charge of it this year.

Wanna see what we're making??

These are glass blocks- like you use in bathroom windows. They don't photograph well-

This one says "PEACE on earth"

JOY to the world

These are all Christmas ornaments

These are boards that you hang on your wall

Flower arrangement- you make it in the flower arranging class

These next four are all the same craft. They are four blocks that have four different seasonal sayings.
Paper dolls (laminated)
Cards (super cute)
There's one more- but I forgot to take a picture- I'll post it later.

We're having four classes- cinnamon roll making, flower arranging, home organization and cleaning, and hand dipped chocolates.

We're having a brunch as well. I"m excited!