Friday, February 10, 2006

I think Google should take over the world

I love all things Google. I have a Gmail address, use Google Desktop and Picasa- photo finding and editing done by Google. Google is also my home page on my computer. Google is the best for unorganized people. Steve- my orderly accountant husband files emails into folders immediately upon receiving and reading- or deletes them if they're annoying fowards. I on the other hand wait until my inbox is so full that I have to delete stuff (this was before Gmail) and sift through things if I'm looking for something important. Well- no more with Gmail. I need an email from June about wedding cakes?? Simply type in "June" and "Cake" and it pulls up all 6 relative emails. What could be simpler? I never have to file or tag emails again! I can find whatever I need within seconds.

Google is my favorite search engine online because it's so comprehensive. I don't need anything other then Google to find information about anything at anytime. Take for instance the other day- a friend of mine and I were discussing a hilarious story about a woman who was trying to give herself a home bikini wax. Really not a good idea- but a great story. Simply go to Google and type in home bikini wax bathtub and whala! You've got what you need. Love it.

So this is what I'm requesting from Google. I need a Home Google Box. I'm sure they can figure out how to do this, they've made every aspect of using the computer and internet easier (and they're all free downloads too). I want a box in my house that I can type in what I need to find and it'll show up in the box within seconds. Sunday mornings I can put in "Ashley's shoes and tights without holes' and they'll show up in the box. No more frantic hunting and only finding one shoe that fits and 3 that don't. Or all my missing spoons- put the request in the box and whala! no need to buy more spoons. (Why is it that the spoons always disappear anyway?) Finding missing keys, wallet or phone before leaving the house will be a breeze! Rather then searching and being late to wherever (or everywhere) I'll just google it!

The best thing? Telling Steve/Ashley/Megan/Annika when they can't find something (even if it's in plain sight) 'Just Google it!'

So Dear Google- please take note of my request, of course any kickbacks would be greatly appreciated.

(I don't work for Google- just for the record).