Thursday, March 02, 2006

Several things

I was in charge of dinner for 80 women tonight at church. I seriously love doing stuff like that. I think I want to be a caterer when I grow up. It went well. More details (and pictures) soon.

Tomorrow we're leaving to Utah. I'm going up again in a couple weeks but my Dad isn't doing well and my mom suggested that we come have a quieter visit before coming up with my aunt and cousins. I've been praying for guidence whether or not to go now or wait- I guess my mom calling and asking us to come was about as clear an answer that I could get.

Through this whole ordeal my Dad has had a great outlook. Life is always good, he feels great ect. The eternal optimist. This week he told my mom that he's ready to die, that he's now praying for relief. I feel like all that has kept him alive these last four years has been his faith and shear will. He wasn't ready to go so he didn't. Of course that doesn't mean that he'll die this week or even this month- but it's a huge shift. As much as I am ready for this, I'm still not ready. I know it's best for him- that he's done all he can do here- but it's still hard to wrap my brain around the fact that he'll still not be 'here' anymore.

I don't know how I feel about that.