Sunday, May 07, 2006

Happy (late) Birthday to Steve

So my hubby Steve turned 32 yesterday. He however, doesn't buy into the 'birthday hype'. He feels like he's, 'not 10 and so he shouldn't get all excited about his birthday.' So using that as an excuse I kept it low key. He specifically requested to not have anyone over. So I didn't invite anyone over. Well, almost. Apparently I signed up to feed the missionaries weeks ago not thinking about it when I signed up. Oops. They called to confirm this afternoon. So Steve did have people over for his birthday- but we didn't tell them that it was his 'special day'. I did take him out for dinner Saturday night to Tony Roma's- but he paid. (I did schedule the babysitter though).

After dinner plans? Well- walking around RC Willey looking for a new kitchen table of course. We're old apparently- we can never think of fun things to do for dates once we get past the dinner part. We usually just take advantage of kid free shopping time. We need some ideas. We're not big movie theater fans. We prefer watching movies from the comfort of our couch in our pj's. But that nixes the 'dinner and a movie' option. Most things here are in casinos- which nixes that option because you come home from any date reaking of smoke. Which is really quite gross.

Now while Steve doesn't like celebrating his birthday I love celebrating mine. Of course my birthday is a ways off. (September 29th if you're wondering- and yes- I accept gifts).

In my observations it seems like there are two sorts of people as adults. The kind that likes their birthdays, likes to celebrate, and likes a big party with lots of people and hoopala. Then there is the Steve type person- the kind that doesn't like to be the center of attention, doesn't like a big fuss, or a party and for whom a surprise party is torture.

Of course most couples (once again in my observations- and in some cruel twist of fate) contain one of each. The party lover and the party hater. Of course the party lover (who would LOVE to have a surprise party for themself) throws parties for their spouse (who hates attention and doesn't like surprises) and at the same time is hoping that their spouse will return the favor- but of course they don't- because that's not how they like to celebrate... cruel irony...