Tuesday, August 15, 2006


What I did today:
Got kids dressed and fed and out the door in record time
dropped them off at my mom's
drove to NBF Emily's
drove to car shop
dropped off car for brake change
drove with NBF to gym
she dropped me off
worked out with personal trainer
told him thanks but no thanks on the extra $35 a month to meet with him for a 1/2 hour a month
did cardio
high fived Em on her way in and took her car keys
ran home and showered
ran back to the gym to pick up Em
Got dropped off at my mom's
read Annika and story and got her to lay down
left kids with my sister and my mom and I went to lunch to celebrate my dad's birthday
and voted
went to dollar store for balloons
visited friend Mona in the hospital
saw her adorable new baby girl (she has two boys so far)
picked up car
picked up kids
came home
fed kids cereal for dinner
had a smoothie
held Cori (she's got a fever)
held Cori some more
gave her drugs
wiped her down with a wet washcloth
held her
held her
stared at the mess of a downstairs
held cori
talked to Steve while holding cori and staring at the mess in the office
took cori upstairs
Made the girls (well, Ashley) clean up toys
put cori to bed
started load of pee laundry
picked up loft
came and blogged
it's 9:49 and I'm ready for bed.

But tomorrow...
I've got a 9am appointment at the gym
10:00 playgroup at the park
clean my mess of a house
make treats
plan enrichment for the next month or two
6:30 planning meeting at my house
7:30 craft night at my house

I hate days like this- it was nice- but I like to be home a little. I can't imagine being gone all day everyday.

Happy Birthday Dad.

Today would have been my Dad's 54th birthday. Tomorrow marks five months since his death. My parent's anniversary (would have been 31) is also this month. I can't belive that it's been that long. So Happy Birthday to a great man.