Saturday, October 14, 2006

Some things I've been watching/listening to...

First of all Steve's theme song... (I love my husband if you should question that- and he's not too nerdy, at least not nerdier then me)... Watch for Donny Osmond. ROFL. Seriously. Or maybe ROTFLOL.

Second something that's only funny if you're Mormon or have attended a Mormon Fast and Testimony meeting lately... but I want to sing it at the next ward talent show. Click Here.

A fabulous cake site.

My projects?? Still working on it. My enthusiasm for spic and span left me sometime during the night. I need to find it again. We did buy two trees today for the backyard. An ornamental purple plum and a nectarine tree. Also learned that the reason our lemon tree might not be fruiting is because we need to feed it citrus food. So maybe eventually we'll get some lemons?

We're watching a friend's 6 year old for the next few days while she's in Chicago with her dh. Her name? Megan. I'm tired of saying full names so I informed her that I'll be calling her by her last name only all weekend. It's cute- and she likes it. Well- she thinks it's funny.