Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Our 'magical' dinner

Steve and I are trying to be healthier and are both doing the Weight Watchers plan. In order to fill up and get in our 5 fruits and veggies a day I have a goal of having two (different color) veggies and one fruit at dinner. I'm also trying to incorporate more fish into our diet. So tonight for dinner we had 'pancho villa tilapia', brown rice, acorn squash, steamed broccoli and cantalope. My girls eat pretty well- but it usually takes some encouragement to get them to try new things. Actually it usually takes some encouragement to get Megan to try old things a lot of the time. ("I don't like chicken! It's yucky to me! Followed by, 'hey, this isn't yucky- this is yummy to me!' after 20 minutes of trying to get her to eat it.)

The fish was baked in foil packets- so they couldn't see them. So before I opened them I told them that we were having magic dinner, and if they ate it then they would grow big and strong. (Hey, it's the truth!) They were all excited to try some and all ate it! We told them the broccoli (not something we usually serve) were 'magic trees' and they ate those too. Cantalope is a favorite as is rice so those weren't a big deal. Ashley ate and enjoyed the squash as well. So YAY!

Random things

Our next door neighbor is a foster parent. For the last year and a half a 10 year old has been living with them. We walked him to school all last year and he's a friend of Ashley's. I found out yesterday that he's being adopted. YAY! So great for him.

I went shopping today and bought lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Annika just came in and told me she was hungry and wanted a snack and handed me a carton of fresh mushrooms. I told her she wouldn't like them. She insisted she would. So I gave her one. She took a bite and proclaimed, 'I like it!' Then threw the rest away. She just has to be right...

Today at Costco I saw two sets of twin boys. The first mom had two other kids with her and I commented that the transition from 3-4 was my hardest. She said it was her hardest too- but that the twins were numbers 5 and 6! They were 8 weeks old (and tiny!) Then I saw another mom with twin boys on the way out. She asked if Annika and Cori were twins (common question actually- maybe if Annika had more hair she'd look older). I told her that they weren't- they were just close in age. She told me her older two were 15 months apart. Her twins were 7 months. We keep joking that when/if we get pregnant again we should have twin boys. Then we'd for sure have a boy and he'd have a brother (something that concerns me actually- if I'm not going to have two I'd rather just have more girls).