Sunday, April 30, 2006

Happies and Crappies

Happy- we bought a piano yesterday!! UNLV does a sale every year where they sell the pianos from the previous year from the music department so they can get new ones. They also have other used pianos for sale. The sale is sponsored by a music store here in town so if you decide (within the next 10 years) that you want to 'upgrade' they will take your full purchase price with your piano on trade towards another piano. Anyway, the piano is being delivered on Tuesday! YAY! I'll post pictures then.

Crappy- I was supposed to take dinner to someone in the ward on Friday and completely forgot. I feel so bad. I'm taking her dinner tonight.

Happy- Our yard will be started soon- then the girls can play in the back!

Crappy- we've all had the stomach flu. Well, all the girls. Steve started throwing up this morning about 2 am. I'm next- I know it.

Happy- I took all four girls to church by myself today. I survived, they survived. I don't know how single parents or parents who have spouses that travel a lot do it.

Crappy- Annika bit a kid at church today. I'm the mom of 'that kid'.

Happy- I spent an hour and deep cleaned the girls bathroom yesterday. It sparkles, it doesn't stink. YAY!

Happy- (I'm committing out loud) I'm starting to count Weight Watcher points again tomorrow. I'm going to do it. Remind me of that.

Crappy- I'm starting to count Weight Watcher points again tomorrow. It's so much work- but it's worth it right?

Happy- After taking dinner to this random person in the ward (church congregation) I'm struck with just how completely blessed my life is. Not just averagely blessed- but completely and totally in awe of the blessings that flow to my family.

Crappy- I can't believe the poverty that some people live in. It makes me sad to think about it.

Happy and crappy- This story

Happy- Ashley and I went on a mommy daughter date on Friday night. We went to a musical put on at the high school and then got a banana split.

Crappy- the only way to describe this rendition of Grease. Seriously- the.worst.production.ever. Sound system sucked, actors were eh, scenery ect was pathetic. I remember our musicals being a huge deal. Here? Not so much.

Happy- It was probably a good thing that we couldn't understand them. I'd forgotten how many drug references and sexual inuendos there are in that show. Probably not appropriate for a 7 year old.

Happy/crappy- my Grandma had triple bypass surgery, she's doing well though.