Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Thanksgiving and such...

So Thanksgiving went well I thought. Everyone that was supposed to came, we ate good food, and most importantly we had good pie. I brined the turkey and then cooked it in a roaster oven upside down (breast side down) and I'm told it was good and very mosit (which is what I was going for). I'm also loving my table stuff, found the cutest paper plates ect. I thought the talbe clothes were all the green with the print on them, but when I opened the packages they weren't! I was mad but it was too late to do anything.
Here are some picture highlights:
Here is Ashley, posing and fake smiling for the camera. Lily, Corinne and Megan are in the background.

Here is megan stealing a chip and running from the camera. Ashley did her hair- cute huh?

Here is my brother-in-law matt... he didn't show up to my house with a huge hickey on his forehead- but my house can be dangerous... I think he learned his lesson about sticking large suction cups on the bottom of baby toys to his head. Good thing he's a good sport since we didn't let him live it down the rest of the night. I hope it's faded by now!

My cute table settings

The full effect plus a cute niece

Here is Annika at the park- I promise she was having fun in this picture:

I went shopping Friday morning with Katie and my mom to get fabric for my curtains. I got it 70% off- which makes a huge difference when you're buying 15 yards! I also got a rowenta iron for $50.00. I've still not purchased a single Christmas gift though... Go me?

here's the fabric:

We had a good weekend visiting with everyone though. My house really isn't that exciting- and we really are homebody's. It's just so much work to go anywhere with 4 kids! I hope no one was too bored. We did play a lot of games and stayed up way to late most nights. It took me a couple days to recover- I must be getting old! I did make balloon hats and animals one night for the kids, that was fun. I had a bad batch of balloons though since they kept popping! The kids had fun playing together and Aunt Barbara secured her spot as the favorite aunt by doing makeup on Ashley, Megan and Lily.