Monday, September 11, 2006

The Dirt

That was the big attraction on our vacation. If we were at the campsite the girls played in the dirt:

If we were at the beach they played in the dirt:The girls favorite activity was having Steve bury them in the sand.

Cori enjoying being the 'biggest' sister for a few minutes. ..

By the time we left we were covered in dirt and everything we'd brought with us was covered in dirt. Cheap fun though right? Also- their clothes did come clean.

Good enough?

I've finally updated. I feel like I've fallen off the blogosphere- but I'm back. I'm liking the new blogger better- tons better- and I think I'm through my blogger's block. Hopefully that includes commenting on ya'lls blogs as well. I'm going to do better- I promise.

Some random pictures I've been meaning to share

Here's Cori and her two 'best friends'. The three girls are all within a couple weeks of the same age and hang out a lot. Mostly because their mom's do and stuff- but they're pretty cute together. Cori has started trying to say Sarah's name. Tonight at dinner Sarah was upset and Cori kept 'talking' to her and trying to make her feel better. You could totally tell what she was trying to convey by the tone of her voice and her gestures. Totally cute!
Megan/Minnie mouse. She put on this 12 month costume at someone else's house. ROFL. I couldn't resist the pic.
Cori and Sarah getting a bath in the sink after dinner.
Sarah was supposed to be napping. We came upstairs and Jeffery and Annika had climbed into the crib and all three of them were jumping happily. Yeah, no sleeping there!

Happy Birthday to Megan!!

We've also recently had a birthday! Megan turned 4 on September 5th. So we celebrated on Labor day with a big family/friend party. She got way more presents then any kid needs (of course) and was thrilled at every single one. I think that 4 is the best age for birthdays. They finally 'get it' but aren't so gimmie, gimmie that it's obnoxious. She was completely thrilled at every single present she opened and it was so fun!

Of course we have our tradition of the birthday pinata- Megan wanted a purple bunny- he ended up a little creepier then I was going for- but I guess it makes it easier to whack right?

Mommy and Megan with the 'scary bunny' as Megan called him.

Blowing out the candles...
Picking up the loot!
The cake.
Megan was a miracle baby. Go here to read all the details. She has such a fun little personality and really is a joy in our home. The last several months she's been maturing and growing by leaps and bounds. She's finally figured out the potty training thing (now for the night training) and talks non-stop. She says the funniest things, of course at this moment I can't think of any of them... She loves to play Barbies and dolls and Polly Pockets and her newest favorite thing is money. Grandma Pechin gave her a purse with a handful of pennies in it for her birthday and she's been carrying it everywhere. That's the best way to get her to do something currently is to offer her a penny.

She loves to play with her sisters- most of the time and is really good at making Cori laugh. Megan gives the greatest hugs and kisses and frequently just comes up and gives hugs for 'no reason'. She also is incredibly silly.

We love our Megan and treasure every moment with her. Happy Birthday Megan!!!


Preschool also started last week. I'm once again doing preschool co-op with some other women from church who have kids Megan's age. We rotate houses and take turns being the teacher. We made up a simple curriculm- but most of it is open to whatever the teacher wants to do. We had fun- but it was crazy last week- mostly because it's the first week. We also have two more kids this year then we had last year.

Here is a video of the kids doing a parade in the backyard. Like how orderly they are?? It was hysterical though.

School has Begun!

August 28th was the first day of school. I can't tell you how excited we all are! I didn't take pictures on the first day (cause I'm the best mom ever) but here is Ashley on the second day of school:I can't believe I've got a second grader! That's crazy! Her teacher is Mrs. Bates- and I'm not so sure about her yet. I'm hoping to help out in the class room soon so I can see her in action. They watched a full length movie (Brother Bear 2) on the third day of school. That bothers me more then a little bit.

The New Beta Blogger

If you use blogger upgrade to Beta version (for free) so that I can comment on your blog. If you haven't upgraded then you can't comment on mine (and I know you wanna) and I can't comment on yours. So do it- all the cool kids are. Beside editing your template is 100 x's easier. I finally updated my blogroll. If you're on it and don't want to be shoot me a note.