Monday, June 26, 2006

I'm a good friend... but not really- an open letter to Sabra

Dear Sabra,
I know that when you called me and asked if I would store 'something' for you that I said it wouldn't be a problem. I didn't really think that it would be. But well, I'm really not that good of a friend. It's now a problem. You see, when the 'something' was delivered my kids played with it- for an hour- nicely. This doesn't happen often at our house. So I'm sorry, you can't have it. Then I started playing with it. I never knew that 'boy toys' could be so much fun. We don't have much experience with trains- but I think we're in love....I don't think that my girls play with the trains the same way that boys would though. Their favorite part? The 'train wash' and the 'round house' where they can put the trains to bed. Building tracks? eh. Bridges? eh. Abandoned mines? Not so much. But K will find his new trains nice and clean.. and well rested. Also, you'll be happy to know that there are 'twin trains' and 'mommy trains' and 'daddy trains'. Also, a little green one? Annika's favorite, it's the 'baby train'.

So anyway, don't worry about coming down. I know you want to see us and stuff- but we'll be busy- playing trains- and you can't have them!

Another cake, another old man

Here is the cake I did this weekend. I guess that 30 is the 'making fun of getting old' birthday. There were sayings around all the corners of the cake. It is all butter cream.