Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Week in Review

I live in Las Vegas. Now it's the end of June and *Newsflash* it's hot in Las Vegas at the end of June. Now don't take this as complaining- it's not- I'll trade 115 degrees for a couple months over snow any day. Especially when snow play means long underwear, three pairs of socks (a person), coats, hats, mittens and on and on and on and brr! While summer play means swimsuits, spray on sunscreen and water. I'll take that anyday. We just play at the water playgrounds...


Megan didn't want her picture taken.
My NBF's baby (isn't she cute?)

Summer also means summer haircuts. This is Megan (W- not our Megan), Ashley and Hannah after I cut all there hair. I LOVE Ashley's hair short. It's a good length for her and always looks nice- I'm glad she decided to stop trying to grow it out.
Meanwhile Cori is learning how to walk. She loves walking in the pool. My inlaws have a shallow part in their pool and with the floaty Cori was cruising. It was so cute!! I'm apparently not smart enough to figure out how to load just one video so there are some others there too- several of her practicing walking from daddy to mommy, annika wanting in on the action, and cori playing peek-a-boo with the camera.