Friday, June 02, 2006

Cori is ONE!

I can't believe that Cori is one. Here is a video of her from tonight.

Cutest two minutes ever!

She is seriously so cute. I can't get over it most days. We had a party for her on Memorial Day and had a bunch of friends over to eat and play. Cori's best friend Sarah was there.

She got a new hat and bib from Grandma and Grandpa-

We also had cake of course-

Since Cori's favorite food is Mexican rice we had a fiesta. She also loves to play peek-a-boo and sticks pretty close to me most days for her own safety. She's not walking yet but can climb up (and down) the stairs without falling. She's recently started giving kisses which consists of coming at you with her mouth open and tounge out. Cute- but messy. She likes to nap and is a great sleeper (which I appreciate). She's also very mellow and easy going- which is good considering how high strung her sisters are. Happy Birthday Cori!!

I know I need to blog

I have pictures and stories and fun. All coming soon. I promise.