Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I've created a monster

I don't play with my kids. Well, rarely. I figure I birthed sisters for them for that very purpose. Also, I don't play well with others. At least not Barbies, or 'house'. I do block and puzzles and stories- and on a very good day maybe art. But that's it. So I thought it'd be fun to teach Ashley how to play a game that would be interesting to me so I could be a good mom. I chose UNO. I figured she could play it and I could not have to listen to, 'now pretend your Barbie says X, now pretend your Barbie says Y' ect.

Of course now she follows me around all day wanting to play UNO. Steve's good for about 10 games after I've played 10 games and she still wants more. She's an UNO monster. After about 2 weeks of UNO I decided to try to teach her Phase 10- a little bit more challenging. I was explaining the game and said that we play 10 hands, Ashley says, 'but mom, I only have two hands!' That was only the start of the problems, turns out there is no physical way for her to hold 10 cards in her hands either. She also doesn't really 'get' it. Guess we'll wait another six months on that. Steve wants to teach her monopoly next. Until then it's UNO for everyone!