Monday, October 16, 2006

OCD Child

I know that Megan's in the picture with Annika- but this was the work of Annika. Megan's work is usually destructive. This too.

Obsessive compulsive disorder.

Pretty sure Annika has issues. She likes to line things up- she also freaks out if her shoes aren't perfect on her feet. I can put them on her 50 times and she freaks out. She puts them on and they're somehow perfect the first time (even when they're on the wrong feet- which they usually are). Her OCD is worst the more tired she is. Bedtime is horrible because she's in a toddler bed. Crib blankets aren't long enough to tuck in properly. Twin blankets are too long and touch the floor. I may be making it worse- but I'm making her a special blanket just for her that's long enough tuck in- but not too long.

I know some of it is being a 'terrible two year old'. Stuff like needing to wear pants that have pockets most days, except on the days that I grab some shorts with pockets and she needs to wear a dress. The need to only eat from a blue bowl? Pretty sure she's going to out grow that too. These other things I'm not so sure about.

Just for kicks this is how she carries her babies (something else she's obsessed with).