Friday, December 09, 2005

They're so young!!

So we fed the missionaries tonight. I swear they get younger and younger. I took pictures to provide proof. sorta goofy, but I don't think they had anything else to do tonight. Anyway, there you go.

Merry Christmas to me!

So we've had this list of furniture we've been 'meaning to buy'. Of course that means shopping for it, which means draggind 4 children to a furniture store. After finally finding out couches Steve was done- he had no interest in furniture shopping for the rest of his life. That's nice, except that furniture is a big purchase and one we both have to live with. Anyway, today I bit the bullet and went to see a guy that custom makes furniture (since we needed a pretty specific spot filled for our entertainment unit) and he gave me an estimate on what I wanted. Then he let me look through his (wholesale)catalogs and found an entertainment center that will be great, a bedroom set (bed, two nightstands and a dresser) a coffee table and end table and a random coat/umbrella stand. Woo!! The cool thing is that I got it all for about the cost of bedroom sets in the stores! So now we're pretty much set for furniture for a while (well, I'd like a new table too- but it's not as 'urgent' as the other stuff was). I hope Steve likes the stuff I got! It's coming in for pick-up in a week- so you'll get to see pictures next Saturday.