Thursday, November 09, 2006

Some recent cakes...

Present cake for my sister Barbara's birthday

Over the hill cake for a man (named Bruce) who was turning 60. There are 60 candles around the edge of the cake.

Chocolate rose cake. Whimsical (means that it's supposed to be tilted).
Pumpkin cupcake cake for Halloween. I made two of these. One for Ashley's class and one for the daycare at the gym.

Kenneth Wegner

The story:
Here in Nevada we have early voting at various locations around the valley. Malls, rotating grocery stores, libraries ect. So I was going grocery shopping at my local grocery store and there was a guy campaigning/handing out information about Kenneth Wegner in the parking lot. He approached me and was immediately in my face and confrontational. He asked me if I was voting and handed me information. I told him that I wasn't voting that day and asked him why he was campaigning at a voting site. He jumped to the defensive so fast and snidely told me that he wasn't campaigning- that he was simply handing out information about the candidate. That in order to be campaigning that he'd have to be the candidate. I rolled my eyes at him and proceeded into the store. In the front of the store there was a sign stating that this was private property and as such the owner of the property had opted to not have campaigning or leafleting done on their property during the early voting time. So I informed the manager that there was someone in their property doing just that.

When I went back outside he asked me if he could ask me a personal question. I told him I'd rather he didn't. He did anyway. He asked if I was LDS. I told him that I was and he handed me completely different information then he'd handed me previously about Kenneth Wegner, (that alone ticked me off) and he told me that Kenneth was also LDS and blah, blah, blah... One of the papers (the one that listed all the horrible things about his opponent) had a phone number at the bottom to call to volunteer for his campaign.

So I called the number and asked to speak with Kenneth Wegner. I was a little surprised when they put me through to him. I related the first part of the conversation in the parking lot and got the same attitude and defensiveness from him. Then I told him about his volunteer handing me completely different information when he found out my religion and he asked me if I was ashamed of my religion. I told him that was a strange question coming from a man who handed out different fliers depending on the religion of the person to whom he was campaigning for.

He was rude, confrontational and immediately defensive. I have a hard time with people like that. I have a hard time with people who think that I should (or shouldn't) vote for people depending on their religion.

Worse he told me that President Faust (one of the head men in our church- an apostle. Think cardinal in the Catholic church) told him that he needed to run and let people know what he believed. Basically he was name dropping trying to influence my vote. Well. He did. Influenced me to NOT vote for him.

The final straw was when he condescendingly told me that I should pray about it and then ask my husband who I should vote for. Steve and I do talk to each other about our voting thoughts and do some research together- but we also don't always agree and vote the same way. Although after talking to Steve about Kenneth Wegner he agreed that we shouldn't vote for him.

If you're wondering? He lost. Woot!