Sunday, December 04, 2005


So I'm finally decorating and putting up pictures and stuff. Mostly I'm just starting with Christmas decorations though. Here is the shelf we made at Super Saturday- we made a bunch of stuff to go on it too- but I figure since I don't have much horizontal space downstairs I'll need to rotate through holiday stuff on it as well. Here it is set up for Christmas:

The shelf is straight- but apparently I'm not since I took the picture leaning to the right. I need to find something better to put on the last peg and I think I'm going to take the holly berries off the letters. I also need to make a holiday stitchery- but that'll probably wait until next year since I need to get cracking on Christmas presents first. Here are my stockings:

And just to brag this is what I did yesterday:

All neat and tidy. Around the corner is more food storage. I hung up a bunch of hooks in the garage for coats and bags. That closet was so bad that you couldn't even walk into it. I'm working on the office currently- which is also bad- but lucky for you I took before pictures.

We had two families over for dessert tonight (Lindsay and Corey Pam). It was a lot of fun. I made an ice cream cake that was super yummy. We're trying to be super social and get to know a lot of people in the ward and I've set a goal to have two families over a week for dessert. I'm also making more of an effort to get to know people in the neighborhood. There are tons of young couples and TONS of little girls Megan and Annika's ages. We had a 'neighborhood' play day at our park last week and had a great time. I love meeting new people and being social and Steve indulges me. There is also a family that lives two doors down that is in the ward that has three little girls. They couldn't come tonight but are coming for FHE (family home evening) tomorrow. Her husband is out of town with work and will be for a month so I'm hoping we can help her out some. That would totally stink, I don't know what I'd do without Steve to relieve me!

Church is so hard though. SO HARD. It's a good thing we know that's where we need to be on a weekly basis because it'd be so much easier to quit going. Anyway- I'm promising before and after pictures of the office tomorrow- hound me if I don't post them, I need to get them done!