Monday, December 25, 2006

Family Pictures!

So my sister Becca is a pretty talented photographer. I decided to take advantage of that while she's visiting for Christmas break from college.

Saturday we went up to the mountains to try and get some family pictures. Rebecca's camera's batteries had died (boo!) so she took some pictures with my new digital camera. Seems like it takes pretty good pictures so far! We didn't get any whole family shots since of course not everyone felt like participating. (annika) But Becca got some good shots of us in pairs and individuals though. Here are some of my favorites. We took some group shots today- but those were with becca's camera- which is film. So we'll not get those for a few days with christmas and all.

I think Megan may win the award for most photogenic child.
I had a hard time with any pictures of steve and I in color. Mostly because the redness of his beard totally washes out all color in my face.
Annika wasn't happy to be taking pictures. She wanted to be held the entire time we were up there. So mostly sad or serious shots of her. Also- her face is pretty scratched up since Megan's newest evil trick is scratching when she gets mad- and Annika is the most abused. If you've got ideas for stopping that I'd appreciate it.

love this one of Steve and Cori

Notice all the missing teeth? Guess who gets to visit the orthodontist after the beginning of the year??
cute baby.

Love this one. Too bad Annika didn't want to participate. Ashley is smiling semi normally- yay!
About the only shot of annika smiling.
Love this profile.
Notice the tear?
Love this one too.
See all the freckles?? Guess where she gets those? (Steve). Cute huh? I can't believe she's almost 8!

Merry Christmas from us!

Babysitting swaps

My friend Lacey was talking about setting up a babysitting swap on her blog. I commented for an hour about all the swaps I have going on and figured I'd share my comments with you guys.

I love babysitting swapping. I've got a couple friends that I did this with who's children were the same age as mine. They were the sort of kids that came over and because they played so well with mine that it was less work to have them here. We swap a lot and don't really keep track just because we're good friends.

Then we have a formal 'co-op' where there are nine (and we're looking for a tenth) women who have 3-5 kids and we swap kids. Everyone has a day of the week and a time period (either 9-12 or 12-3) and you're committed to watching kids that slot during the week. But the rest of the week you can take your kids so someone else's house if you need to. I've used it to have time to clean my house with no 'helpers' or to work on a project, run errands, go to appointments etc.

Then I have a different group that is for weekend date nights. There are three families and we rotate watching kids. We watch all the kids the first weekend, then the next two weekends the other two families take a turn (there are 9 kids in all) and then the fourth weekend we all pay a babysitter and go out together. It's really nice because we have 2 date nights a month that are 'free'. It also makes us go out- which if we have to set up a babysitter every week just doesn't happen cause we're lazy.

Then of course we also have my mom and sister. I do usually pay Angela when she babysits- but my Mom frequently watches the kids while I run around or volunteer at the school.

Wow- that was a long comment. I think I'm going to copy/paste that into a post. But having 'swaps' is a fabulous idea. Mom's need breaks. NEED. Plus it's just hard to go places with kids- at least with more then one.