Friday, April 21, 2006

Things I need to do today

Bake and decorate 'over the hill' cake by 6:00- Cake is baked and cooling, filling (whipped chocolate ganache) is cooling in freezer, currently making frosting. Update, cake filled, torted, crumb coated, frosted- now I’m doing my favorite part- the details. FUN cake! I hope the birthday boy is a good sport. Cake done! Woo! Took me longer then I thought (usually does though) pictures soon.

11:00 take pictures of my mom's new house to post for family- pictures taken, will post tonight

Clean house that is a pig sty- which includes:
-clean out and organize kitchen cupboards so I can find stuff while baking- in progress, mostly done
-pick up toys in study and vacuum
-vacuum rug in living room
-FINALLY put away winter clothes for summer clothes
-take inventory of 3T clothes since annika's hips are too big for 2T shorts and Megan's hips are too small for 4T shorts
-clean all bathrooms
-fold and put away all laundry (mostly clean, just needs to be put away!
-keep children happy while I'm trying to ignore them- currently riding bikes together in the garage (and not beating each other- YAY!) They napped (yay! Regular occurrence though) and are now watching PBS kids and supposedly cleaning up the toy room.
-send out sticker club chain letter that my kids received. Any volunteers to get one??
-Blog about my first Bunco night.

If I can do these things today I'll be thrilled.... ready? GO! I'll be back to update!

I'm not sure why I try to do everything at once. But if I have nothing that I HAVE to do in a day I have a hard time accomplishing anything. But if I have several big things to do then I find it easier to do lots of other little projects that I've been putting off. Does anyone else have this problem??