Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Today's Picture

Yes- it's still today! Today you're lucky to see a picture of me. I'm getting my hair cut and highlited tomorrow so this is the 'before' picture. Tomorrow you get to see the 'after' picture. I'm still not sure how I'm getting it cut though....

Naps make everything better...

We had a bad morning here. Lots of crying, kicking and screaming, tantrum throwing... and that was just me. I'm not feeling very well today which leads to a lot of laying around moaning and ignoring the middle children (lucky Ashley got to go to school). Finally at 10 I decided we were all taking morning naps rather then afternoon naps. Aaaahh, much better. Of course this means that they're already awake and terorizing- but having had a nap I feel much better equipt to deal with it. I still feel crappy (literally- and now you know more then you wanted to) but I can sit up and observe the destruction a little bit without dozing. It's amazing how much a little nap can help.

Of course I had some weird dreams. My neighbors had come over to hang my blinds (both the husband and the wife and a random single neighbor from somewhere else) and I was talking to them about our dog issues. I kept explaining that their dog barked every morning at 6 am- and they kept insisting that they didn't have a dog. It was quite frustrating, but I didn't want to make them mad because I wanted blinds up, especially the blind in the window between the bathroom and my bedroom. (I don't really have a window there). To make matters worse the single neighbor kept hitting on the married guy next door and distracting him from putting up blinds! Odd, but entertaining.

Megan is having a trauma apparently- she just walked up to me and said, "my cookie broke, the chocolate is all gone, Annika is a dog and my leg hurts." Life is rough when you're 3.

I'll post a picture later.