Monday, June 05, 2006

Today is the big day!

My Mom is moving to my town!! She's going to be a 7 minute walk (with no kids) or a 45 minute walk (with kids) from my house!! It's about a 3 minute drive (depending on traffic). Not only that- but she's bringing my 14 year old sister! You know what that means?? A babysitter I know and trust beyond compare- that's what that means!! Am I selfish? Oh yeah. Am I giddy beyond belief?? YES!! My mom is awesome. AWESOME. And I GET TO LIVE BY HER! She has 9 children. NINE. (You read that right). Lucky me gets to live by her (since none of us live in the same state.) Seriously you would have thought last night was Christmas Eve. My kids are beyond excited as well. She's the kind of Grandma every kid wants. She plays, she lets them do messy crafts, she reads stories, she does sleepovers, she bakes ect. She's the kind of Grandma that her mom was when I was little. With that as a model she can't go wrong. Have I said Giddy yet? G.I.D.D.Y. YAY!