Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Stop the internet!! I have an announcement.

NO I'M NOT PREGNANT! (I had to yell at you for even thinking that- seriously! I just birthed three kids in three years- isn't that good enough?)

Megan- the most stubborn, independant, non-potty going child wore the same pair of panties all day. They were also 'dry and clean'. (I'm really not so bad of a mom that I'd let her sit around in dirty underwear- really, what do you think of me??) We've been potty training on and off forabout a year and a half (yes- you read that correctly) and seriously, no turning back, battle of the wills, pull my hair out crazy potty training since October. Today is the FIRST day she's done this. It was a huge running around 'first trip to the dentist' day for her too. Three years and five months old and she just might be catching on. I feel like I won a million bucks. I pointed it out to her- SHE feels like she won a million bucks. We screamed and hollered and gave her five and told her that she rocked. She even fell asleep in the car and stayed dry.

Seriously I didn't get the big deal with potty training with Ashley. She figured it out relatively quickly and within a week or so was consistantly dry and rarely (like twice) had accidents. Then came Megan. A year and a half later I get it. Potty training her has been the hardest part of parenting so far. I prefer labor to potty training- that's how bad it is. I'm hoping that Annika takes Ashley's route rather than Megan's. I'm not counting on it but a girl can dream right?

Also in no way am I thinking that this will continue forever- but this is a huge turning point. HUGE!!! YAY!!!

PS. Steve's meeting was to receive a calling (job at church) is to be a stake auditor. That means twice a year he audits 3 or 4 wards books to make sure everything is in order. Whew!