Saturday, December 09, 2006


I've been busy working on Christmas projects and house projects and baking projects and church projects- and basically not being on the computer much. I've gotten some help installing wordpress on but I've not completed the set up completely. I've been busy working on as well- not completely done yet- but if you want to have a look and/or give suggestions feel free. I'm officially done with all my niece (and one nephew) gifts, all my family gifts for extended family (with the exception of Steve's brothers- which I'm clueless on... thinking gift certificates to restraunts or something??) I've gotten stuff for the daycare ladies at the gym, Ashley's teacher and I'm almost done with Steve and the girls. I think that's all that's left actually. I'm also making Christmas cards... well- 40 of them. The 40 people I love most get 'top tier' cards and the rest get photo cards... just kidding, I'm sending the 'homemade' cards to people who'll appreciate it most.. I'm almost done with those as well. My goal is to completely finish those and have them ready to go in the mail Monday morning. I've also rearranged the office crap to make more room for my cake stuff in that closet.

So I've been busy. Really. But my house doesn't look like it. Right now I'm sitting down to wait for the dining room floor to dry and rest my feet. So I'm tiding you over with some picures... My friend Barbara was venting her frustrations over Christmas picture taking today over the phone and so I'm sharing some of the many that we took to end up with our final pictures, and I'm not even counting the mess-ups of Steve and I.