Tuesday, May 02, 2006

It's here!!

My piano has arrived. I'm officially giddy.

Smell this Internet!

I walked outside today and was greeted with my favorite flower smell in the world... well- for the moment at least. This:

Seriously, can you smell the jasmine? It's what marks spring in Las Vegas. Well- that and 90 degree weather. I really wish you all had scratch and sniff screens so you could enjoy this with me. I have 4 of these bushes outside my front door- how lucky am I!?!

Also today child #3 is wearing panties. Real, potty training ultra thick panties. It's 10 am, she's been up since 6:30. Once in her panties and once in the potty. I'm feeling good about this. I really really am. My strategy? Otter Pops. She can eat as many as she wants- as long as she's sitting on the toilet when she does. I'm cutting them in half- but then she's getting liquid so she has more 'opportunities' and she's getting potty sitting practice. Best of both worlds. I tried doing the naked thing for about 5 minutes. But this is my OCD child who insists on being fully clothed- so I told her she could wear shorts as long as she uses the potty, but if she gets them wet then she'll have to go naked. Hopefully that'll work.