Friday, March 10, 2006

Four things....

Mindless drivel...

Four jobs you have had in your life: Soccer Ref, grocery checker, telephone survey taker, Personal Assistant to the President (of IDMP inc- not of the country silly!)

Four Movies you would watch over and over: Return to Me, The Three Amigos, Harry Potter (any of them), The Emperor's new groove!

Four places you have lived: San Deigo, CA, Dayton, OH, Orem UT, Las Vegas, NV

Four TV shows you love to watch: Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Wife Swap, Without a Trace, Scrubs

Four Places you have been on vacation: Hawaii, Catalina Island, Bear Lake, Arches national Park

Four Websites I visit daily: Gmail, here, my boards, sudoku site

Four of my favorite drinks: Stephan's sipping cocoa, Diet Vanilla Cherry Dr. Pepper, Water, Milk

Four of my favorite foods: smoothies, sweet smothered pork burritos, Grilled anything, triple chocolate meltdown cake from applebee's

Four Places I would rather be right now: In Utah with my parents, Hawaii, on a cruise, napping

Four things I always carry with me: My kids (that's four right?), my cell phone, my car keys, extra diapers, wipes and clothes for kids.