Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Random Reviews

Mozilla Firefox- Such a better browser then Internet Explorer. My favorite part? You can open websites in tabs. So I can have 20 sites open at the same time and just click from tab to tab at the top of the window. I'm not explaining it as cool as it really is. But you can download it here for free. Also- you can open favorites in tabs as well. Makes browsing favorite blogs fast and easy. Check it out (it'll also let you import your favorites from IE). Really, really check it out though. Did you do it yet? GO NOW!

Coppertone no rub sunscreen- Seriously the best stuff ever. Here we have to sunscreen for every event that we'll be outside more then 10 minutes- and with four kids it's a lot of work and time to rub them all down. This stuff is SO fast. It's also effective. I still do lotion on their faces but yesterday at the park I started to sunscreen up my three girls (the baby was sleeping) the same time as my friend did her one. By the time I finished she was just finishing up his back and shoulders and still had to do everything else. Worth every penny.

Dyson- I love mine. Seriously LOVE. Not sure if I've shared that before. Works wonders- also it's fun to see how much crap it picks up...

My mom- I know she's not really a product- but having her live close is so nice. I'm worried she's going to think less of me now that she sees how dirty my house can get and how obnoxious my kids can be. It's fun to have her to hang out with and to have her be a part of my kids daily lives.

My NBF (new best friend) Emily- As long as I'm commenting on people... Seriously she's awesome. She's so fun to hang out with and talk to and doesn't judge me for my dirty house or messy/mean/peeing constantly kids. The best part? Her girls and my girls play so well together. It's fab. She's also cool to just hang out constantly- which I love.

This site- I'm seriously loving the political comedy and irreverant humor...