Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The pushy piano guy

So as part of our hot date last night we decided (Steve suggested- I willingly complied) that we would go visit the grand opening of a new music store in town that was having a HUGE SALE on pianos. 15-45% off! <-- Exact font of ad. So we walked in and I was immediately giddy, the endorphins were pumping and I was a wonderful musician!! Nevermind that I've hardly touched a piano in recent years. Just being in the same room with all of those beautiful instruments made me happy. Sigh...

The Sales Guy (Craig) asked what we were looking for (um, a piano- duh) and asked who played. (Me- sort of, a long time ago). He showed us piano #1- which was their 'best deal' (translation- not the one that is the lowest price- or even the highest price- but one that they have the most of that they need to get rid...) He played a little song- then invited me to play. Um- I think he missed the "sort of, a long time ago" memo. I declined. Even when I was in my piano playing prime I couldn't just whip out a song, I'm not very good at music memorization.

So he played a couple of little ditty's- then showed us their music school with 15 soundproof practice rooms for lessons. Then he showed us a baby grand (sigh...).

Salesguy: Do you have room for a baby grand?
Me: Yes (We really do- even if we didn't if one was gifted to us I'd make room- I'd sell a child to clear out space even)
Steve: Um, no
Me: for sure yes- I promise
Steve: where would we eat?
Me: doesn't matter- who needs to eat??
Salesguy (a little annoyed but sure that it was me he should be talking to now): So Amber, have you seen the new player options??
Me: um no
Salesdude: Something something something, expensive computer, something, free if you buy this $15,000 piano, play a song, something something
Me: um, cool
Salesdude(piano playing itself and there are drums and horns as well): now that makes a statement...
me: giggle- sure
Salesdude: Do you celebrate Christmas??
Me: Sure (chortle)
Salesdude: This (white high gloss grand piano) looks beautiful next to the Christmas tree
Me: did I mention my four small children with sticky fingers?? Pretty sure whatever piano we buy will not be white or high gloss.
Salesdude: You know we finance
me: for pianos starting at $7,000 you'd better or you'd never sell any
Salesdude: these pianos will not be here by this weekend... at least not at these prices.
Steve: whew
Salesdude (sensing he was not closing a deal tonight): well, you remember my name right? You won't need a card.
(Guess he sensed that he shouldn't even waste a business card on us.)

It was fun and there is something about being around all those beautiful instruments that just gets me- really. Steve didn't understand and unless you're a musician you probably don't understand either. But really, it's a beautiful thing. Now I need to start checking the classifieds...

Eight years ago...

Yesterday was our eighth wedding anniversary. The seven year itch is finally over! We decided we'd 'strengthen our marriage' for FHE and go out to dinner alone and leave the kids with a friend. We had a lovely dinner at Chili's and then decided to go look at pianos.

In a lot of ways I can't believe that it's only been eight years. That doesn't seem long enough to do all that we've done. But in other ways it seems like it was just yesterday that we were dating and young and carefree.

Happy Anniversary Steve! Thanks for being the great husband, father, friend, provider and all around good guy that you are. You're a keeper!