Monday, November 13, 2006

Things that I've learned at my many doctor visits recently..

The bigger the practice and the bigger the waiting room and the more recepionists, nurses, and other staff they have means the longer the wait time and the less personal your visit will be. Also, the more information regarding your symptoms they have you write down the more times they'll ask you what those symptoms are and why you're there. The more embarrassing the symptoms? Then the louder they'll ask and in front of more people. Seriously I'm not sure why they have you fill out your medical history at all- it's not like a single person looks at it. My new response when they ask me a question I've already answered on paper? "I believe that I answered that question on #5 on page 35 of your survey, approximately 56 minutes ago while I was waiting."

A couple of things

I have some weird medical issues happening lately. I've seen my dr. and ruled out hormonal imbalances (which considering my previous diagnosis makes that they're all 'normal' completely weird). I had full blood work ups done that revealed nothing. I've been weaning off the Effexor to rule out things as being side effects. I've been off the Effexor for a week. A really, really hard week to boot. There are so many things going on right now that I feel like I can't talk about. Today I go for an MRI. Two actually. One with dye and one without. I'm nervous. Which apparently makes me mean and impatient. My kids are hiding upstairs. I'm really upset that Ashley is sick. That is completely irrational- and I know it. Like she can control the puking? Sigh... I need to get a grip. Hopefully I'll get some answers today or soon regarding these health issues.

The good news is that I've got all this nervous energy and as a result my house is getting more and more organized. My office is 95% done. I even bought a labeler so I can be as nerdy as Sheri. In other good news I got a second refrigerator. I made a swap with a in my ward. She had a fridge she was getting rid of and I had a computer desk- so we swapped. Good trade all around.

Murphies Exercise Law

The more prepared and determined that I am to exercise the bigger things will stand in the way. For example- when I decide to go despite my lingering cold (to pilates rather then 20/20/20 though) and hurry and get dressed and get all the kids dressed then someone will puke. Sigh...