Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Continued weekend coverage..

Ashley and Lily played hard all weekend. Here's a picture of the two of them at the wedding:

We had a nice wedding lunch at the Spaghetti Factory and then a great garden reception that evening. Here's a picture of the cake:

I got tons of compliments on how great it tasted as well as how good it looked. Kim and Spencer really liked it too, which I guess is important. Winky I think I enjoy my siblings receptions even more then my own because I get to sit and visit with people I haven't seen in a long time. My reception was fun- but stressful, theirs I get to sit and enjoy.

Saturday we tried to recooperate from the crazy couple of days we had. Here are some pictures of the tired Price's:

Megan and annika

Steve and annika:

Monday was Megan's 3rd birthday so we celebrated on Sunday night with everyone (except Spencer and Kim and Samantha). Here's a picture of her Dora cake (and I know boots is the wrong color):

Here are all the cousin's except Samantha. My parents now have nine granddaughters!! Of the nine seven of them are 3 years old or younger. CRAZY!!

What a crazy weekend. It's going to be followed by an even crazyier week! We do our walk through on our new house tomorrow and then move Monday! We stopped by last night on our way into town and it's looking pretty close to done. Even the front yard landscaping is in. Now I've just got to unpack and clean up our house from our trip so that we can pack and clean up our house for the move. I'm tired just thinking about it!

What a weekend!!

Last weekend my brother Spencer got married. It was crazy!! I'll start at the beginning...

Wednesday night we drove up to Utah, we didn't leave until 7ish and didn't get to the hotel until 3am. I hurt my back last week and was on some pretty significant pain killers so Steve drove the whole way. Once we got there Annika wouldn't sleep unless Steve was holding her- so he didn't get to sleep much at all that night.

Thursday we got up early and I spent the day making an anniversary cake for my parents. I'd brought tons of cake stuff from home so that I wouldn't have to buy much in Utah- I forgot my tacklebox full of bags and tips though!! I ended up rebuying stuff I already had to make the anniversary cake. My parent's had their 30th a couple weeks before. We surprised them with dinner at an Italian restraunt in Provo (Octavio's). They had no idea we were planning a party for them. Here's the cake: (my maiden name is Pechin- pronounced peach-in, so it's our family peach tree)

After dinner I went back to the friend's house I was using to bake and decorate cakes at to finish baking the wedding cake and groom's cake. I didn't get a picture of the groomscake- I'll have to see if someone else did and if they can email it to me.

Friday was the wedding. I frantically finished the cake Friday morning just in time to get to the wedding at 3. The wedding was nice. My brother married a girl named Kim (who I love) who has a daughter (3 years old) from her first marriage. Here's a picture of the newest Pechin family:

I loved Kim's dress- it was so pretty. Here's Kim and Ashley:

Apparently I'm out of picture space on this post. To be continued....