Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Boom Baby!

Dear Annika,
Happy Birthday Baby!

You're two, you made it, now you can act however you want and the only explanation needed is, 'she's two.' For some reason I've not mentally accepted that you weren't already two. You act like a two year old in every way, you know what you want and how you want it (most of the time) and get very upset when someone tries to help you without asking if you want help. You're incredibly sweet when you want to be and you love to read stories over and over and over. But in my mind you've been two for ages- so much so that I wrote a 3 on the cake! I had to fix that (good thing Grandma noticed it). Speaking of cake, you quite enjoyed it and stuck your fingers in the icing about two seconds after Megan blew out the candles for you.

Speaking of the cake, here is how it looked:

We just had a simple party, we invited a Grandma and grandpa and Great Grandma Haynes and the Agamezes. It was nice to have a small, simple party. You were very excited to get clothes (see the first picture) and insisted on putting them on as soon as you saw them. You also got puzzles from Great grandma and Grandma Pechin and loved them as well.

You are our miracle of miracles. You weren't supposed to come, yet you did. I'm so glad that you're my child. You have a smile that lights up the room, and incredible beauty that makes me wonder how such average looking people like daddy and I could make a beautiful kid like you. You are so smart. You talk so clearly for your age and it's interesting to watch you think about stuff and figure things out. I'm surprised at how much you understand and comprehend. You're our little ka ka, and some day you're going to hate your sister for that nickname, but it's stuck, and now it's you.

Love you,