Friday, January 26, 2007

A Cake a Week

One of my goals this year is to decorate a cake a week. Of course the preference is to have someone pay me to do it- but if not then I'll either make a cake for a friend or decorate a dummy. Anyway- this week's cake was for a man named Peter. Peter's wife requested something with the New York Yankees. Peter wanted chocolate cake with white frosting. This is what they got:

It's supposed to look like a Yankee uniform and the NY logo on the side is a little hard to see. The top is a baseball (hopefully that's obvious) and the Peter! is supposed to look like an autograph. The frosting is navy blue- but looks black in the picture.

It's chocolate fudge cake with chocolate cream puff filling and white buttercream frosting. I brushed the tops of each of the layers with melted chocolate.