Thursday, December 08, 2005

Today's picture

Okay, I'm cheating... Here is a picture of the rug we bought tonight (that should arrive in Jan I think).

Navy rug

It's the navy color. The 1 1/2 inch pile sounds comfy. We've been searching and searching. I'm just glad we finally found something! So yay!

Several things

First of all I got a call from the city manager's office this afternoon. They expect the sidewalks to be finished by tomorrow afternoon (YAY!) they will have patrol cops out there until winter break starts (double yay!) and they are going to complete the street and paint a crosswalk during winter break. Woo!

I woke up at 3 am with a killer headache. I've been woken up by headaches before, but usually I have gone to bed with it and it wakes me up later- never have I gone to bed fine and woken up dying later. I figured out what caused it though. I had a weight watchers frozen dinner last night that had bacon in it. After re-examining the box it was 'turkey bacon'. Good to know. I popped several dozen various pills and sat on the couch (for some reason that helps) until it was time to actually get up for the day. Thankfully my girls all went down for naps at 11:45 and slept until 3:30- so I did too! I love that my kids sleep well, I'm spoiled that way. My headache is gone and I'm still tired- but not non-functional tired (like this morning).

Ashley does 'vocabulary' journaling at school. The teacher will write a word and they have 10 minutes to write about the word. Yesterday's word was Christmas. This is Ashley's journal:

Christmas selbras Jesus brf a ange cum un to them and htey wr fritine and the ange sed un to them dot be ufrad there wus a savr hav bin born

(Christmas celebrates Jesus birth. An angel came unto them and they were frightened and the angel said unto them don't be afraid, there was a savior have been born.)

So I guess we're doing something right that she wrote about Jesus and not Santa right? I'll be back with the PotD later.