Friday, August 26, 2005

School starts on Monday!!

School starts Monday, I'm not sure who's more excited, me or Ashley. Ashley is going to be a first grader this year- which brings us to the delima- what to have for lunch? Should she buy lunch or take lunch? Ashley desperately wants to bring lunch so that she can have a cool lunchbox.... I desperately want her to buy lunch, it's worth the $1.40 a day for me to not have to pack it. After seeing the REALLY long line to pay for lunches today I'm thinking that she'll be taking lunch for the first day at least. I'm hoping we can compromise and buy lunch some days and take lunch other days.

We met her teacher, Mrs. Gallineau, who seems very nice. We also found her seat and walked around the school a little bit. For the first couple of weeks until we move I'll be driving her to school. But once we get moved in then she gets to walk! That means that Megan, Annika, Corinne and I get to walk as well. I'm excited to not have to fight traffic at the school (which stinks- at least at her school last year it did). The neighborhood we're moving into has walking paths that connect the three phases of the neighborhood together- which end at the elementary school! Yay! So Megan and Annika can actually walk if they want and we don't have to worry about traffic. It'll be great.

Speaking of our house- it's almost done! YAY! The wood floors downstairs are in and the outside is painted. There isn't much left to do except for putting in the carpet upstairs, the front landscaping and then cleaning up the construction mess. Now that our house is sold I'm getting excited that we're almost ready to move. We've got my brother's wedding next week though, then we come home and start packing!! YAY! Well, not yay that I have to pack, but yay that moving into our new home is that close. I'm ready for more space for sure.

A couple good friends from Utah are coming down to help me pack for a couple days. So that will make it go faster. It also means we get to play in the evenings (YAY!)