Wednesday, December 27, 2006

where am I now?

This is a game we're going to be playing for the next couple of weeks. Christmas is over and after Christmas eve at our house, then Christmas morning present overload at home we went to brunch at my mom's and then dinner at Steve's parent's. Then yesterday we headed to Parker Arizonia (halfway between our house and my sister's house in Mesa) to see them and their new baby. She is very cute btw. I have two days to hang out with my sisters, and pack for Baltimore. Thursday night I'm flying out with my mom and my sister Hannah to go visit my brother and his wife in Balitmore and witness their sealing in the Washington DC temple. Then I fly back on Jan 1 and leave again on the 5th to go visit Steve's sister in Hawaii. Yup- HAWAII. Woot! We're taking the kids to see their cousins (so not a romantic getaway) and to hang out there for 10 days. I'm excited. So life is a whirlwind for the next several weeks and I'll not be blogging in the meantime most likely. So Merry Christmas- Happy New Year and I'll see you in a couple weeks!