Friday, January 06, 2006

Until Valentine's day...

So- new year's resolution time.... I hate new year's resolutions, I really do. I remember family home evenings every year where we were supposed to make goals, and making goals in young women's to earn some award (which I didn't do and will probably regret when I'm either called to serve in young women's or when Ashley hits 12 which is in 5 years). Anyway, I hate them because I feel like it's so trite that it's a new year and a new beginning and a 'new you'. Yet it's so ingrained in me that I can't help but do it. Seriously. Even though I don't mean to I do, I find myself making lists in my head and making impossible goals. I think somewhere deep down inside of me there lies a perfectionist. I clearly remember when I was a child telling my mom (on numorous occassions) that I was going to 'be perfect all day'. I think that January first my inner perfectionist screams, 'you need to be perfect' and I yell back, 'you're joking right?' So here are my resolutions- first the perfectionist, then me 'fixing it' so that it's possible:

1. Have my house spotless and 'company ready' at all times, get into a real routine so that everything get's done on a regular and reliable basis.

*Look into hiring a cleaning lady so that the bathrooms and floors get done well at least once week.
2. Be a better mom, don't yell ever, come up with lots of crafty, educational things for my children to do rather then watching TV.
*Look into preschool programs.
3. Find my perfect body that's been eluding me. Reach my goal weight by my birthday.
*Well, this one is actually my focus this year. I'm 'just saying no' to treats (desserty things) and fast food until Valentine's day, I figure I can last that long. I'm also committing to running (the whole way) a 5 K this year (by my birthday). Not sure about the perfect body thing, but certainly a more healthy body then the one I've got.
4. Become a spiritual giant and make sure that my family is consistantly having FHE, and family scriptures and prayers as well as personal scriptures and prayers and couple/companionship scriptures and prayers... really this list seems neverending
*um, yeah. FHE we do fairly well at, same with family prayer. My goal is to read the Old testament this year (guess I'd better get started) and work on the other stuff one at a time...
5. Learn how to play the guitar, learn to speak Spanish, read several dozen 'classics', ect, ect, ect...
*right, in all your spare time. Maybe pick one? Um, yeah- we'll see
6. Cut down on internet time?
*ha, ha, ha, ha- then I'd have to take up watching tv!
I think I had something figured out when I was younger though. I think you can do anything short term- so maybe I'll make from New year's to Valentine's day resolutions... maybe then being perfect won't seem so overwhelming.. Now, who knows a good maid?