Friday, October 14, 2005

My new house- a photo essay.

YAY! We have our new house! Moving is a pain, but I'm feeling mostly unpacked. Not quite settled yet since we've still got a lot of furniture that we've bought and are waiting for it to arrive and furniture we plan on buying and haven't yet. Can I just say that furniture shopping with four children 6 and under is a form of torture???

I also forgot to take a picture of the front of the house. Sorry. You'll have to wait until my camera is fixed since I used Katie's while she was here and she emailed me the pictures. I'll start downstairs and work my way up... the best tour I can give.

Here is the living room and dining room. One big area. We figure this way we can arrange it how we need, and as that need changes then we can change the room.

We've ordered living room couches and were told 4-6 weeks. We're on week two. I'm ready for a place to sit.

The new house!! (continued)

Here is my large pantry which I'm enjoying. It's nice to have a spot to put my broom and mop. It's also nice that it has a knob on it so I can 'lock' the kids out.
View #1 of the kitchen. I really like my island. I want to put a 'kiddie table' in the breakfast nook area to confine messes to one area not in the immediate view of the front door, well, at least for breakfast, snacks and lunch.
Two things I love, my Corian countertops with the seamless sink and my tile backsplash.
View two of the kitchen. I'm not sure where to put my garbage can. Seems in an unconveinent spot where it is now, but if I put it on the end then it blocks the path when I've got the dishwasher open. I'm not a fan of trashcans in closets or under sinks, mostly because I'm lazy.
Office/craft room- still in a state of unpacking.
Guest bathroom. There is a stall shower behind the door.
Under the stairs storage. LOVE IT!! I'm going to get shelves built in for food storage. It continues around the corner as well.

My stairs. With a missing railing. See that funny looking spot? That's where my genious customer service dude painted over some patch work with flat paint. That's another post though. I requested a new customer service dude.
Apparently this is the only picture I took of Megan and Corinne's room. But we did these closet organizers in every closet. So nice!
Ashley's room. Sorta messy and we need to take the bassinet out. Continue to the next post.

The new house!! (continued....)

Here are Ashley and Lily in the loft/play room. We're going to have an entertainment until built into this little nook for the tv and stuff. But we haven't gotten to that yet. We've ordered a couch that should be here sometime in November. Apparently we have good taste and are 75 on the waiting list for it... until then we lay on lots of pillows (see them in the corner)?

This is my laundry room. I Purple Heart having a laundry room rather then a laundry closet. I'm still working on organizing this room (as you can see.) I'm also loving my front loading washer and cool new dryer.
Down the hall is Annika's room. She seems to sleep better in a room by herself. She's also enjoying her toddler bed.
The girls bathroom. Very exciting. Goofy
The masterbedroom. It's a bit bigger then our other one- which is nice. We're also having a bedroom set made by this same guy. Yay!
This is my huge linen closet in the bathroom. I love it. I also love my shower curtain.
Here is a shot of my huge countertop. We had two sinks in our other master bath and only ever used one, so we opted to just have the extended vanity and I'm REALLY enjoying it.

Here is our amazing master closet. I'm loving all the shelves and doublehang. Now I need more clothes to fill it up.

Anyway, that's the tour.