Sunday, September 11, 2005

Five random things about me...

So apparently I've been tagged, I've got to post five random things about me and then tag somone else...

1. I've never kissed anyone except for my husband. Once a boy tried to kiss me (when I was 14) when I figured out that he was about to kiss me I took off running- literally. He 'broke up' with me the next day. After that I decided that I wasn't going to kiss anyone until I got married. I almost made it- but we didn't kiss until we were engaged.

2. I drink about 100 oz. of water a day.

3. I belong to several 'bulletin boards' online- LDS moms who 'post' messages and 'talk' all day long. I started 3 years ago and it's become addictive. It's my outlet and keeps me sane with 4 small children. I've met many of them 'irl' (in real life) and consider some of them some of my best friends. If you would have asked me three years ago if that was possible I wouldn't have thought it was.

4. I love to read- anything I can get my hands on. The scary thing is that my FIL, BIL (Chet) and I enjoy a lot of the same books. It gives me something to talk about with them though and that's good. It also gives me a source to trade books with. I'm currently reading a book I 'stole' from my FIL. (I promise to give it back if you're reading this Sherman- it's State of Fear)

5. I reread the previous 4 things and now I think I'm a nerd. Nerd

Okay, I'm tagging Barbara and Lacey. Now you guys have to do it!


Barb said...

I must be a nerd too. I loved being tagged and working on my list. : )

Hope said...

I drink about 100 ounces of Diet Pepsi a day!

I also read "State of Fear."

Thanks for putting up more wedding pictures. I wish I could afford to go east for the reception there so we could meet Kim. She looks adorable and she must have a good strong personality. By the way, the cake looked great.

We're still surviving. I've decided to seek a new job more actively. The philosophies of this place are getting so money hungry that they do not encourage balance in life and I need to be someplace that helps me seek balance. I tend to be obsessive enough without help!

I am glad you are tuned in on-line (don't say addicted). It can really provide support in a difficult world! I love my online friends too! Of course mine all come from the "Dis-Affected Mormon Underground" (DAMU), so we have some differences in our crowds! :)

Give those girls some extra hugs and kisses from me. They'll need them while you're moving.