Monday, October 03, 2005

The writing on the walls

I should have stayed in bed this morning, I should have known it was going to be a very long day when the first thing that greeted me in Megan and Annika's room was a very large crayon mural on their wall. I should have known it was going to be an even longer day when while trying to get myself dressed Annika stuck her hand down the back of her diaper and pulled out a finger covered in poop. Gross. Kids are disgusting. I had lofty plans this morning. Visions of a clean/organized house (at least a room or two) and napping toddlers. So far all I've done is feed Corinne and then clean up the messes that her sisters made while I was unable to follow them around and say no. Our day so far....

Woke up to Steve telling me about Megan and Annika's artwork.
Tried to get dressed- got interupted by miss poopy fingers.
Family prayer (not feeling the spirit so much while megan and annika played musical laps)
Watched Steve leave for work and wished that I could leave too
Changed poopy fingers diaper
Changed Corinne's diaper
Listened to Corinne poop- changed her again
went downstairs and fed the kids breakfast
tried to make ashley's lunch- realized we were out of bread- poor kid will have to have school lunch today
tried to find shoes for everyone
was successful for everyone but megan
too bad for megan- she has to ride in the stroller
it's okay though because we're not playing today on the way home, they have to miss the swings and come home and clean up crayons on the wall
Get home- introduce Megan and Annika to Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
start laundry
come downstairs to a puddle of water (on my wood floor) and two girl splashing in it
cleaned that up
feed Corinne
hear lots of flushing upstairs
find megan and annika flushing wipes down the toilet. (Annika also did this earlier this weekend)
lock them in their room so I can finish feeding corinne and they can live
Go to let them out and find that they've destroyed one of my favorite children's books
Lock them in again
Let them out and turn on the tv (hoping for peace)
try to fold towels
get inturrupted by megan biting annika
she gets to sit in the naughty chair (and hopefully not destroy anything since I can see her)
finish folding laundry
make megan apologize
switch laundry with way too much help
start to clean loft
megan disappears (not a good sign)
find her downstairs helping herself to cheerios
decide to feed them lunch
we're out of bread so it's mac and cheese
annika got in the baby swing
she's now too big to get out so I leave her there while I finish lunch- at least she's contained right?
Annika falls asleep in the swing
megan decides to set the table with 8 bowls- not sure who she's invited for lunch
feed them lunch
did dishes while they ate
now it's NAPTIME!! I'm tired- can I quit yet?? It's only noon!

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Sariah said...

Sounds like it was a busy day for you. I hope today is much better. I've had lots of those days.