Monday, November 21, 2005

The Holidays are upon us..

I volunteered to host Thanksgiving this year. I'm not sure what I was thinking at the time- but now I'm rethinking my state of mind. I'm feeling more ready now then I was before the weekend. It helped that I ran around like crazy on Saturday getting stuff for 'the big day'. I have a turkey thawing in my oven- which I"m not entirely sure what to do with- but that I plan to make spectacular. I also bought a ham while I was at Costco today. (Just for you Katie). I also bought a roasting oven... I admit it- it was an impulse purchase, but one that makes getting everything cooked seem possible if my oven isn't filled with turkey all day. Plus it was $30- not too bad a deal (right?)

So, Costco. We've been Sam's club shoppers for a while now. Ever since one was built behind us in our previous house. But now it's 20 minutes away, and it's always incredibly busy, and they built a Costco 10 minutes from here. So I signed up. We have a friend who's always raving about Costco, but the only one around was 25-30 minutes from our last house- so not worth it. But he whined and complained on a regular basis. Now I know why, I'm embarrassed to admit it but Costco is better then Sam's club. Here are some reasons that I noticed today:
*The customer service desk is well staffed and efficiant
*They open at 6am (Sam's didn't open until 10am)
*The samples everywhere you look- really helps to hand treats to your kids every 5 steps
*They have cheap gas- at least today it was cheaper then I've seen anywhere for a long time. Sam's had cheaper gas, but it was never more then .05 cheaper then the place just up the street.


KAT said...

Thank you for the ham.

Amber said...

Apparently I'm a little slow. Costco doesn't open at 6 am- their gas station does- which is the sign I read (but apparently not closely enough).