Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I've been MIA

Sorry for all of you holding your breath waiting to find out what we've been doing here..

...waiting for the laughter to die down....

So anyway, I decided after chasing Megan around the house, pinning her down and fighting to change her diaper that it was time for potty training (again) and this time I was serious (and I mean it) we WERE going to be successfull (if it killed one or both of us). The good news is that she only refused to sit on the potty and continually peed her pants for two days, then I won the battle of the wills. We're still fighting the war- but if it kills me she won't go to college in diapers. She's actually doing really, really well. She's napping in panties (yes I said panties- if you have issues with that get over it) and staying dry, we've gone places and she's stayed dry ect. We're still working on the poop thing (and if you have ideas I'd love to hear them). But overall Megan is wearing panties all day every day (but not for bed) and is doing well. YAY!!

Annika really, really, really, wants to wear panties too. We tried for a week with her but she's just not physically ready yet. In the meantime we let her practice as much as she wants- but she has to wear pull-ups.

Other things we've been doing.. I've done a couple of cakes-
This one for a friend's baby blessing:

and this one for a little girls tea party birthday. Everything is made out of fondant. (Homemade fondant that is super yummy).

Corinne seems to be getting sick. She's had lots of clear drainage the last couple of days nd I was pretty sure that she was working on some teeth or something, but she just woke up from her nap with a fever. Poor baby!

Ashley is good. She's doing well at school and has made a couple friends in the neighborhood. She asks everyday to ride her bike to school- but the sidewalks aren't completed surrounding the schol so she'd have to ride in the street- so for now it's a no go. I wrote the mayor and my councilman about the issue yesterday- but I still haven't recieved a response. Hopefully (for their sake) I get a response by the end of the week- otherwise I may need to get more parents from the school involved. The peices that aren't completed are handicap ramps and a few random squares from the middle of the sidewalk- makes it impossible to push the stroller on the sidewalk- I have to brave traffic instead. The forms are all there- being held into place by 110 peices of rebar- which I pointed out in my letter. It's just a safety hazzard in general. Anyway...

Last week we saw Lacey and her girls (who look like their daddy) one afternoon which was really nice. Lilah was a bit scared of Megan and Annika- with good reason. We had a good time playing at the park though.


Hope said...

Please to explain the Baby blessing cake. I think it must be the perspective, but it looks like a foot with some strange lumps...

I like the tea party cake - no need for further explanation!

I HAD wondered what was goin on when you didn't post for so long!

I met two more of my internet friends IRL last weekend. It was wonderful. Don't you just love the added people that the internet and a little time at a computer can bring into our lives?!

Heather said...

Your cakes turned out lovely! Mine always look like Ski hills. Thank goodness for Sam's Club =)